Analogue leadership in a digital world

“If you believe that people are essentially good it implies that engagement and resistance are worthwhile, and it imposes an obligation to act”


Our focus is on developing and supporting emerging Leaders for the Twenty First Century

We do this by:

Developing a Fellowship of emerging leaders.

Working with current leaders and their organisations to support new initiatives.

The role of Philanthropy is to do the very tough things. The easy stuff can be solved by government and others.


We work in the interstice, that space where everything is as yet undetermined, anything is possible, and where creativity and imagination are paramount.

We seek out the Explorers, those individuals who are prepared to challenge the status quo, and see the world anew.  We seek out dynamic projects that exist between the excitement of ideas and reality of execution.

Our Vision

Intersticia creates the space to imagine.

Our Mission

Intersticia provides the support and resources for a Fellowship of individuals, who share the common vision of caring for our World and all who live in it, and aspire to become Twenty First Century leaders.

Our Values

The values we aspire to are those of authenticity, integrity, persistence, courage and grace. We look for these in our Fellows, the partners we choose, and any projects we support.

How We Work

Intersticia UK is governed by our Board of Directors, and we seek advice from a network of supporters around the globe. We work with like-minded individuals and organisations through collaborative partnerships.

Intersticia UK

Berivan Esen


Tris Lumley


Louise Sibley


In Australia we work with the Intersticia Foundation.

Nick Byrne


Samantha Crock


James Willis


Intersticia Advisors

Philip Hayton


Alison Irvine


Dan Sofer


What we support

Examples of things we will consider supporting:
  • Projects which provide the opportunity for individuals to develop their own leadership skills and capabilities
  • Projects which support the core premise of the organisation but which complement the above
  • Projects which others may not initially see the benefit in supporting, but where we can see the importance of imagination to create new and innovative outcomes
Examples of areas we do not support:
  • Political campaigns and legislative lobbying efforts
  • Building or capital campaigns
  • Projects that exclusively serve religious purposes

Our Partners