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Erla Arnalds

Erla Arnalds

Erla holds a bachelor’s degree in both Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering from Reykjavík University in Iceland. After her studies she worked as a software developer for diverse companies across various professional sectors in Iceland, from flower subscription deliveries to pharmaceutical monitoring devices.

She is currently pursuing a Masters in Machine Learning at University College London.

Erla’s interests lie in data science and analysis, and she has a special fascination in discovering how underlying bias in data will affect data models. After her studies, she hopes to collaborate with forward-thinking organisations on how to apply machine learning technology in an ethical manner and work to minimise social harm.

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Yuhui Li studied Financial Engineering at Shandong University and then worked in the Chinese Banking sector before joining The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission Huangnan Bureau, Xining, China in 2016.

Her dream was to study in London and, after having being delayed by the Covid Pandemic, she has finally realised by commencing her studies for and MSc in Urban Economic Development at University College London.

In September Yuhui Li will complete her Masters Degree and return to China to resume her position with The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission.

Sergio Mutis

Sergio Mutis

Sergio is a Colombian architect, researcher, and entrepreneur passionate about social justice and technological innovation.

He completed his B.Arch. degree at Universidad Javeriana in 2019, receiving Colombia’s National Architecture Thesis Award, and his M.Arch. degree at University College London in 2021, acquiring the Bartlett AD Gold Medal

Sergio’s work on social and autonomous architecture has been featured in different international venues, including the A+D Design Museum in Los Angeles, the Colombian Biennale of Architecture, and La Caserne Gallery in Paris, and has been presented with various recognitions, like the Gaudí Architecture Prize of 2020, the Paris Design Awards’ Emergent Architect of the Year of 2021, and the Architecture MasterPrize of 2022.  (London International Creative Competition Winner 2021).

Currently, Sergio is a graduate tutor and researcher at the UCL, Imperial College London, and the Royal College of Art, and a computational designer within the ZHA Code Group at Zaha Hadid Architects, where he designs architectural projects across the world and develops applied research for innovative computational design.

In parallel, Sergio co-leads the eco-social peace entrepreneurship Apata Colombia, which empowers marginalized communities within the context of the Colombian post-conflict and has been recognized by the National Tourism Award: Impact Generation and the international Peace Entrepreneurship Awards.

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Farahana Cajuste

Farahana Cajuste

Farahana has worked as a UN Millennium Fellow and a Global Issues and Community Action Intern at the United Nations Association of Orlando. In addition she served as a Project Intern for the Consulate of Haiti and as the President of the Latin American Student Association during her undergraduate studies. Farahana was recently awarded the Public Policy and International Affairs Fellowship at Carnegie Mellon University, a seven-week fellowship with leaders in policy research and cultural economics designed to prepare students for roles serving the public good.

After graduating Farahana assisted Haitian migrants and asylum seekers within Central Florida and she is passionate about introducing Latin American and Caribbean culture to her environment, through hosting conversations and cultural celebrations.

Farahana completed her MSc in Development Studies at the London School of Economics in September 2022. In the future, Farahana hopes to continue helping others by fighting for economic equity as it relates to marginalised communities.

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Sean McDiarmid

Sean McDiarmid

Sean is a graduate of International Affairs at Peking University’s SIS and an MSc International History at the Lon School of Economics.

He has worked and studied across East Asia, and is primarily interested in the intersection of foreign policy and East Asian defence and security. He hopes to better understand the region and its position as a central node in great power calculations and thereby contribute in some small way to the construction of a peaceful, prosperous East-West relationship.

He currently works for the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office as a Strategy Adviser.

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