Analogue leadership in a digital world

Hannah Stewart

Hannah Stewart

Hannah currently works as a Scrum Master for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. She has a Master’s degree in the Social Science of the Internet from Oxford University and is interested in the relationship between people and systems that manage text data.


Hannah was part of the 2015 Founders and Coders cohort and now provides Web Science workshops to complement the technical aspects of the course Founders and Coders offers.

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Oliver Smith-Wellnitz

Oliver Smith-Wellnitz

Oliver Smith-Wellnitz is an Australian-born Circus Artist, Web Developer, and Drag Queen. After spending the majority of his life training and performing in the circus industry, Oliver turned to coding when he attended the London-based bootcamp Founders and Coders. Through Founders and Coders (FAC) gained not only the skills to be a proficient web developer but also valuable experience working with a variety of charities and teams in both London and Gaza.

Oliver still trains and performs circus but now also does drag as his alter ego Aubrey Wodonga. 

Fittingly enough, Oliver finds himself in the interstice between a number of  disparate fields but is always excited to see how these different worlds might interact.

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Kristina-Talisa Jaggard

Kristina-Talisa Jaggard

Driven by the principles of accessibility and social impact, Kristina Jaggard provides digital consultancy to organisations who are building online educational platforms. Her expertise spans from web design and software development, to marketing, branding and business strategy. Coming from an education in visual art and a background in the not-for-profit sector, Kristina finds inspiration in cultivating unconventional, yet inclusive, digital solutions with a strong emphasis on transparency, cooperation and ethical tech.

In 2021, Kristina worked closely with Intersticia to establish and manage the first iteration of an apprenticeship programme to support two graduate coders from Gaza Sky Geeks to work with The Yalla Cooperative and since then has been working with Yalla as a Product Manager – see this story about Yalla.

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Joe Friel

Joe Friel

Joe graduated from Founders and Coders in 2018 after spending 9 years working in media and digital advertising where he helped build the children’s radio station, Fun Kids, into a national award-winning brand and set up an influencer marketing division for one of the UK’s leading advertising agencies.

Having spent most of his career working where technology and young people intersect, Joe is keen to develop technology in a responsible way that will help drive positive, sustainable change.

After his participation in the Founders Programme Joe joined with Simon Dupree to create the Yalla Co-Operative a collective of freelance web developers and designers, working together across the UK, Gaza and Germany to create digital solutions with an emphasis on driving positive social impact through everything they do.

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July 2024