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Articles and papers

We will be publishing articles and papers written by our Fellows and Partners.  These papers below give an overview of the thinking which we did when creating the GAMAA Education programme which has helped to inform the work we do with our Fellowship.


Teaching Leadership by Education
(PDF file) – Rowland-Campbell, A. [co-author] (2006), Print21 Magazine, October 2006


The purpose of business
(PDF file) – Rowland-Campbell, A. (2004) Print21 Magazine, 2004


Changing the educational paradigm: GAMAA’s Education Programme
(Online) – Rowland-Campbell, A. (2004), Australian Printer Magazine, April 2004


GAMAA’s Education Programme 2003: Growing people for the future
(Online) – Rowland-Campbell, A. (2003), Print21 Magazine, 2003

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Keynote Address to World Wildlife Fund Seminar, September, 2019, Sydney


Presentation to 2019 Cohort of On Purpose, June 2019, London


Presentation to Quilter Cheviot Audience, May 2018, London


Keynote at UK Communities Foundations Conference, September 2017, Cardiff


Workshop at UK Communities Foundations Conference, September 2017, Cardiff


European Venture Philanthropy Association Annual Conference, November 2016, Paris


New Philanthropy Capital Ignite 2016, October 2016, London



Brave Conversations


Brave Conversations 2019 – Melbourne, Boston and London

Session One – Self:  Bodies, Brains and Minds

Session Two – Group – Family, Community

Session Three – Society, the State

Session Four – The Planet:  Gaia and Natural Systems


Brave Conversations London 2018



Goodenough College Digital Leadership Workshops

May and June 2019



Founders and Coders

Leading in the Age of Connected Intelligence – June, August 2019



Older Presentations

Digital Director for Philanthropy Australia
Workshop for Philanthropy Australia members and staff, November 2016

Digital Director for Money Advice Trust UK
Presentation to the Board, July 2016

Becoming Digitally Savvy – for NPC London
Supporting the Digital Transformation Project.  Rowland-Campbell, February 2016

Governance, Trust and Transparency:  the emergence of the digital brand
Rowland-Campbell, A. (2011) Presentation for Deakin University Research Colloquium, October 2011

Analogue leadership in a digital world