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Jacquie Crock

Jacquie Crock

Jacquie is currently completing her final high school years in Melbourne, Australia. She is studying Global Politics, French, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Music and as well as being a dedicated musician.  Jacquie is a studious worker and someone who gets involved in all range of extracurricular activities including musicals, jazz bands, orchestras, athletics, tennis, netball, debating and model UN.  While she may not continue the formal study of music she will keep this love with her wherever life takes her.  She is also completing her Duke of Edinburgh Award.

In a post Covid world Jacquie hopes to travel – and to pursue a career in international relations or politics. She is extremely passionate about social justice and human rights and intends to develop her career in order to make a significant difference somewhere in the world.

Should all this not come to pass, she is looking to a career in goat herding in northern Scotland or a fisher-woman in Scandinavia from whence her great-great-great grandfather Victor Olaf travelled from by boat to Australia.

The concept of finding life in space really appeals to her, and her love of marvel movies means she would love to travel into interstellar space to find an ugly bloke like Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor).

March 2023