Analogue leadership in a digital world

“If you see a better world you are morally obligated to go and make it”



Intersticia provides the opportunity for people from all walks of life to creatively imagine the future through it’s Scholarships, Fellowship, Events and Publications.

Rowland Scholarship

Education is the ability to see the hidden connections.


Intersticia UK funds the Rowland Scholarship at Goodenough College, London. The scholarship is awarded to a student undertaking a one-year Masters programme at a University in London who has applied to live at the College but needs some financial assistance in order to do so.

The Rowland Scholarship is the first such scholarship made possible through the generosity of an alumna or alumnus, and was awarded for the first time in 2013.

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Doughton Scholarship

(Science and) Technology is humanity’s accelerant. Because of technology everything we make is always in the process of becoming. Processes—the engines of flux—are now more important than products. … Our greatest invention in the past 200 years was not a particular gadget or tool but the invention of the scientific process itself.


Intersticia UK funds the Doughton Scholarship for Leaders in Science. The scholarship is available to any young person from any country who wishes to pursue and apply their knowledge and understanding of the natural, social and virtual worlds following a systematic methodology based on evidence. The Scholarship can be used to improve their knowledge and skills, experience in working within, or teaching, Scientific knowledge, and demonstrate a strong desire to promote the teaching and pursuit of a career in science.

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Leadership Scholarship

A leader is one who takes the hardship of finding a better way of doing things for the common good and then selflessly shares the knowledge with others by guiding them on that path.


The Intersticia Scholarship for Leadership seeks to support individuals who recognise and are ready to take the next step in their own personal leadership development.

Individuals should seek to utilise the Intersticia Scholarship to improve their knowledge, skills, and experience in working with organisations which themselves are seeking to enoble, empower and enable others to proactively better their lives.

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