Analogue leadership in a digital world

“We need to be prepared for the internet that we know to evolve unpredictably, and work to ensure that it remains beneficial for humankind.”



Intersticia provides the opportunity for people from all walks of life to creatively imagine the future through it’s Scholarships, Fellowship, Events and Publications.

Digital Leadership for the Charity Sector

In 2016 Intersticia began working with New Philanthropy Capital to support their “Digital Transformation” project.

This work took place in 3 Phases:

Phase 1

Making the case for digital transformation and building a community of interest

Phase 2

Identifying the most promising opportunities through in-depth research

Phase 3

Practical implementation in selected focus areas

Intersticia contributes to the work of NPC through raising awareness about the neeed for Digital Literacy throughout the Charity Sector, for more information see here.

Work with Goodenough College Sector

Intersticia has worked with Goodenough College for the past seven year to help students develop their digital literacy and understanding of the online environment. This complements our Rowland Scholarship.

A key part of this in 2020 has been the development of the Digital Gymnasia series of workshops which have been offered to students and Alumni from around the globe to help them become Smarter Humans as we increasingly rely on our screens to connect in a world shut down.

Future Worlds Challenge

Future Worlds Challenge is a dynamic multi-platform learning experience which gives individuals the skills to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Participants learn how to use Design & Systems Thinking to design a society of the future, and use game theory to challenge themselves to create the future they want to see. The program allows individuals to develop cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, ethical frameworks, and gives them a stronger awareness of the risks and opportunities new technologies present to humanity and themselves.

Web Science Trust

Intersticia works with the Web Science Trust to promote digital literacy and 21st Century Leadership throughout the world. We do this through our interaction with the Web Science Community, it’s international network of labs ( ) and the co-presentation of Brave Conversations.

The Web Science Trust (WST) is a UK registered charity, established in 2009, with the aim of supporting the global development of Web Science. Web Science is a continuously evolvoing interdisciplinary field which focuses on the study of large-scale socio-technical systems such as the World Wide Web. These have been called Social Machines which describe an environment comprising humans and technology interacting and producing outputs or action which would not be possible without both parties present. Web Science describes the theory and practice of Social Machines.