“If you see a better world you are morally obligated to go and make it”



Intersticia provides the opportunity for people from all walks of life to creatively imagine the future through it’s Scholarships, Fellowship, Events and Publications.

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Rowland Scholarship

“Education is the ability to see the hidden connections.”

Intersticia UK funds the Rowland Scholarship at Goodenough College, London. The scholarship is awarded to a student undertaking a one-year Masters programme at a University in London who has applied to live at the College but needs some financial assistance in order to do so.

The Rowland Scholarship is the first such scholarship made possible through the generosity of an alumna or alumnus, and was awarded for the first time in 2013.

Doughton Scholarship

“(Science and) Technology is humanity’s accelerant. Because of technology everything we make is always in the process of becoming. Processes—the engines of flux—are now more important than products. … Our greatest invention in the past 200 years was not a particular gadget or tool but the invention of the scientific process itself.”

Intersticia UK funds the Doughton Scholarship for Women in Science. The scholarship is available to any woman from any country who wishes to pursue and apply their knowledge and understanding of the natural, social and virtual worlds following a systematic methodology based on evidence. The Scholarship can be used to improve their knowledge and skills, experience in working within, or teaching, Scientific knowledge, and demonstrate a strong desire to promote the teaching and pursuit of a career in science to women.

Leadership Scholarship

“A leader is one who takes the hardship of finding a better way of doing things for the common good and then selflessly shares the knowledge with others by guiding them on that path.”

The Intersticia Scholarship for Leadership seeks to support individuals who recognise and are ready to take the next step in their own personal leadership development.


Individuals should seek to utilise the Intersticia Scholarship to improve their knowledge, skills, and experience in working with organisations which themselves are seeking to enoble, empower and enable others to proactively better their lives.

Brave Conversations is a two day event which brings together Smart Humans from every walk of life together to design a better world.

We are creating a space where everyone can be brave, can say the things that they know need to be said, and be prepared to apply intellectual rigour to challenging ideas that might take us to uncomfortable places.

“Technology challenges us to assert our human values which means that first of all we have to know what they are”.

Founders and Coders’ Tech for Better Graduate Programme

Intersticia UK is delighted to announce our partnership with Founders and Coders in support of their Graduate Programme, a pro bono programme for nonprofits to design, test and build new digital service ideas using developers in London and Gaza.
We are supporting two Graduate Coders in London and two in Gaza who can demonstrate:
  • A commitment to developing their own freelance practice together
  • A willingness to help to provide employment opportunities for Palestinian developers
  • The ability to develop cooperative working practices
  • An interest in working on social impact projects.

Gaza Sky Geeks is the leading co-working space, pre-seed accelerator, and technology education hub in Gaza which brings together online freelancers, outsourcers, and startup founders together under one roof. It is one of the most women-inclusive startup communities in the world (42% of the community is female) and was founded in 2011 in partnership with Google and the international NGO Mercy Corps.

First Cohort Founders London

Simon Dupree – Graduate Coder

Simon comes from Berlin, Germany.  Having studied politics, economics and natural resource management he became conscious of the importance of improving social and environmental conditions and determined that the best way to achieve sustainable, positive change is through the use of technology.

Joe Friel – Graduate Coder

Before joining Founders and Coders Joe spent the past 9 years working in media and digital advertising where he helped build the children’s radio station, Fun Kids, into a national award-winning brand and set up an influencer marketing division for one of the UK’s leading advertising agencies. Having spent most of his career working where technology and young people intersect, Joe is keen to develop technology in a responsible way that will help drive positive, sustainable change.

Michael Watts – Course Facilitator

Michael is the course facilitator for FAC15 and is overseeing the Tech for Better programme.  As a former musician and teacher Michael discovered his love for coding through teaching coding to children using Scratch and is keen to use his skills for social impact projects.

First Cohort Founders Gaza


Ismail Al-Salehail

Second Cohort Founders London


Oliver Matthew Smith-Wellnitz – Graduate Coder

Oliver Smith-Wellnitz is an Australian-born international Circus Artist turned Web Developer. After spending twelve years training, performing, and teaching as a trapeze and hula hoop artist, Oliver turned to coding as a means of finding not only more stability, but also opportunities to make a meaningful impact with his work. Founders and Coders, with their peer-driven and community-oriented structure, offered the perfect opportunity to achieve these goals, and Oliver was quick to accept when offered the chance. He is extremely excited to be able to take advantage of the skills learned throughout the course and apply them to projects for Tech For Better clients.


Kristina-Talisa Jaggard – Graduate Coder

Coming from a background in visual art, Kristina-Talisa Jaggard developed an interest in programming after being introduced to web design through her job within the charity sector. Noting a disparity in online accessibility for those with disabilities, Kristina decided to learn to programme for herself. It was the core values of social impact, inclusion and cooperation that drew Kristina specifically to the Founders and Coders course. Kristina applied to the subsequent Founders Program because she wished to continue to develop her programming skills while working on real-world projects that push for a more inclusive World Wide Web.


Charlie La Fosse – Course Facilitator

Charlie is an English Literature graduate, who started learning to programme whilst living and working in China as an English teacher. He was part of London cohort FAC15, and is the current Course Facilitator for FAC16 and the Tech for Better programme. Charlie is passionate about improving inclusion and access through immediately giving back and sharing newly learned skills!

Second Cohort Founders Gaza


Haneen Shahwan


Ali Haj-Ahmed

future worlds challenge logo

Future Worlds Challenge is a dynamic multi-platform learning experience which gives individuals the skills to succeed in tomorrow’s world.

The program allows individuals to develop cognitive flexibility, critical thinking, ethical frameworks, and gives them a stronger awareness of the risks and opportunities new technologies present to humanity and themselves.

“If we know that alternative futures are possible then we can start thinking about better ones.”
Future Worlds Challenge

Digital Leadership for the Charity Sector

In 2016 Intersticia began working with New Philanthropy Capital to support their “Digital Transformation” project.

This work took place in 3 Phases:

Phase 1

Making the case for digital transformation and building a community of interest

Phase 2

Identifying the most promising opportunities through in-depth research

Phase 3

Practical implementation in selected focus areas

Phase 1

Making the case for digital transformation and building a community of interest

Phase 2

Identifying the most promising opportunities through in-depth research

Phase 3

Practical implementation in selected focus areas

Intersticia contributes to the work of NPC through raising awareness about the neeed for Digital Literacy throughout the Charity Sector, for more information see here.

future worlds challenge logo