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Fellows come from all walks of life and our goal is to help them lead Humanity through the challenges of the Twenty First Century.

The Intersticia Fellowship was born out of the challenge which John O’Neil gave to Anni Rowland-Campbell in 2013.


John co-created The Good Life in 2007 as the Silicon Valley version of the Aspen Institute, and he saw the potential for Intersticia to seek out a group of people whom she could support, nurture and encourage as emerging leaders for the digital age.

“To be a human being is to have the almost unique opportunity of getting to know oneself and the world in which one lives. It is sure shortsighted to disregard this opportunity and confine oneself solely to the business of living.”

Intersticia Fellowship Retreat

Every three years we bring our Fellows together from wherever they are in the world to connect, learn and explore how they can collaborate and connect to enhance and expand the impact of their work.  In the interim we work with our Fellows individually to support them in their personal development.


Our first Leadership Retreat was held at Goodenough College, London from the 25th of June to the 1st of July, 2018.  Our next Leadership Retreat will be held in 2021.

Vertical Line

Rowland Scholarship Fellows

Team Lionel Nizigama

2013 – 2014

Hamish Laing

2014 – 2015

Team Ignacio de Solminihac

2015 – 2016

Team Britta

2016 – 2017

Team Osheen Arora

2017 – 2018

2018 – 2019

Doughton Scholarship Fellows

2016 – 2018

2019 – 2020

Leadership Scholarship Fellows

2017 – 2018

Team Nick Byrne

2018 – 2020

2018 – 2019

Creative Fellows

Intersticia UK funds the development of our Fellows as a complement to the work they do with the Bell Shakespeare Company, which is funded by the Intersticia Foundation Australia.

Team Kate Mulvany

2015 – 2016

Analogue leadership in a digital world