Analogue leadership in a digital world

Philip Hayton

Philip has spent 30 years learning about the intricacies and realities of human development and growth – whether that be in relation to acute distress in clinical psychology and therapy populations, in children and young adults across cultures, in high performance settings of leadership and senior management, or in his own personal life – of the self, relationships, groups and the world around us.

Philip works as clinical psychologist, coaching psychologist and development specialist, with experience in diverse communities across several continents including Central and North America, Europe, Russia, Australasia and the UK where he lives. He recently left the teaching faculty of a leading UK counselling psychology doctorate training programme where he worked for ten years.

The approach he takes to his work and life is deeply informed by a respect for the human soul and its inherent knowing (both actual and potential), and the uniqueness of each person and life context. As the world goes through massive and rapid change, he can offer some perspective and experience while continuing his own ongoing process of discovery and learning along the way.

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