Nick Byrne

Leadership Scholar
2018 – 2020

Nick Byrne is an entrepreneur who advises organisations about Digital Identity. He has recently launched a social enterprise Type Human which seeks to help organisations explore the potential of blockchain and the emerging web 3.0. Nick will use his fellowship to explore how technology is empowering, or disempowering, workers and what hope is there for the future.

What has your Fellowship enabled you to do, explore, or gain that you wouldn’t have otherwise?

Through my Fellowship Intersticia is enabling me to explore how technology is empowering, or disempowering workers globally. Becoming an Intersticia Fellow has opened up networks that were either previously unavailable, or would have been difficult to develop.

What impact has your Fellowship had on your ability to lead in the 21st century?

The Fellowship has made me realised that leadership in the 21st century is messy, as we are forced to lead across different tribes, and influence unfamiliar people. To lead through this requires clarity of vision and purpose; but most importantly networks. Leaders in the 21st Century use networks and trust to bring people together to advance a particularly cause or mission.

How do you imagine your Fellowship will impact on your personal and professional growth in the next chapter of your life?

On a professional level, I imagine the Fellowship will accelerate my career for reasons already stated. But on a personal level I’m hoping that Intersticia Fellowship will help my rounded leadership development; making sure I remain focused on all the other important aspects of life that, ironically, are also important to being an effective leader. These are things like prioritising family and loved ones, taking care of your health, and focusing on the bigger picture.

How is technology empowering, or disempowering workers and what hope is there for the future?

We have a hypothesis that blockchain technology can be used to advance the opportunity for decent work by offering features such as: Transparent, immutable work agreements Labour supply chain transparency Reputation systems.

I would like to use the Fellowship to establish a global network that will position TypeHuman and its members as thought leaders in the domain of work and blockchain.

Key activities in the Fellowship become: Research and writing Travel and meetings.