Kate Mulvany

Bell Shakespeare
2015 – 2016

Kate Mulvany (2015 – 2016) an award-winning actor, playwright, dramaturg, screenwriter and writing mentor, who has previously appeared in Bell Shakespeare productions of Tartuffe, Macbeth and Julius Caesar. Her plays include Masquerade, Medea and The Seed. Kate has also recently won the Sydney Theatre Company’s Patrick White Award and appeared in her adaption of Jasper Jones at Belvoir Street.

What has your Fellowship enabled you to do, explore, or gain that you wouldn’t have otherwise?

Space, time and freedom to write and research Australian stories that demand quality time be spent on them.

What impact has your Fellowship had on your ability to lead in the 21st century?

Having Intersticia team up with Bell Shakespeare to house my development meant that I was immersed in the everyday runnings of a magnificent theatre company. I was surrounded by supportive administrative and creative staff, which instilled a drive and ambition in me that I wouldn’t normally get if I was just writing alone from home. Also, the fact that Intersticia reached out and took the time to support me financially inspired me to keep on keeping on, and endeavour to “pay it forward” – to make sure that I am always there to mentor those that need me the way that Intersticia have for me.

How do you imagine your Fellowship will impact on your personal and professional growth in the next chapter of your life?

My Fellowship allowed me to get a head start on a lot of new projects – many of which have either been produced or are about to be produced on the stages and screens of Australia. They have allowed me to explore the stories I feel are important to tell and share them with audiences across the world. This is a wonderful gift to my personal and professional development – it instills confidence, drive and determination.

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