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Amira Shahla
Doughton Scholar
2019 – 2020

Amira Shahla is a Palestinian Israeli clinical psychologist who has a Masters Degree in Clinical and Educational Psychology from Haifa University.  Amira works in her own clinical practice specialising in psychodynamic therapy, dyadic and play therapy and group therapy for all ages, including those with autism.

Amira is a member of the Israel Psychological Association and OFEK, the Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes.  In addition to her clinical work Amira heads up a therapy team as part of a private organization for children with autism that works with Arab children with Autism inside Kindergartens as an outsourcing to the health ministry of israel, and she is working along with a socity of parents and professionals called Jusour (bridges) towards founding the first school for Arab children with Autism in the Haifa District.

Amira is now busy juggling her busy clinical practice and two young boys.

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